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    ODM / OEM Service

    Our Advantage

    OEM Ability

    50 years of professional hair, skin care, and household cleaning products manufacturer experience.


    The authoritarian quality control system with scrutiny to guarantee the stability of quality certificated with GMP, ISO, and USDA.


    Satisfying our customers to build their brand and product with their requirement.

    Excellent R&D team

    Lead by 5 doctors who has more than 20 years R&D experiences and 20 R&D team members in cosmetics industry.

    OEM ability products

    Hair care

    Hair color dye, hair relaxer, color protect shampoo, hair repair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment, hair oil, hair essence. Hair tonic and so on.

    Skin care

    Facial cleanser, body cleanser, body lotion, body gel, face mask, hand cream.

    House hold product

    Detergent, dish wash liquid.

    International Certification

    Year of 1997 award certificate of ISO 9002:1994

    Year of 2002 award certificate of ISO 9001:2000

    Same Year of 2002 award certificate of ISO 14001:2004

    Year of 2011 award certificate of ISO 9001:2008

    Year of 2013 award GMP certificate

    Year of 2014 award CQC certifi