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    Personal Cleaning
    Women Series

    The innovative liquid soap made bathing more comfortable like taking skin care products on your skin. Developing seasonal products for Asians, which it satisfies different skin types in response to increasing weather extremes.

    Man Series

    We aim to “make man feel great and refresh” with the deep cleansing and oil control formula which can be found not only in the shower gel, but also with tweaks made for shampoo and facial cleanser.

    Fresh up series

    The “Fresh up” series for the market where clients have hair loss problems, usage of Minoxidil, the active ingredient, which can reinvigorate shrunken hair follicles, and they can increase in size and re-grow thicker hair over time. We expecting not only care for hair but make it dense and strong!

    Herbal Essence Revitalizing Series

    It prevents aging of scalp, and it is a natural shampoo with no Dimethicone, no wax, and no extra burden to scalp. It has same pH with hair and scalp, and utilize of natural European patent ingredients, which gently nourishes hair roots, toughen the hair and repair the hair ends.

    General Hair Series

    We have established technical partnerships with research centers in Japan, US, and Switzerland to develop hair products specially for the Asian market. We have also taken out any allergens in our 566 hair shampoo to give consumers a peace of mind when trusting our brand.

    Body Cleanser

    SARA SARA not only has launched shower gels with different fragrances especially for young ladies, but also adds Hyalo-Oligo, a patent ingredient in Japan, into the products, which make skin much softer and glossier.

    Household Cleaning
    BAIGO laundry detergent

    The leading brand of BAIGO laundry detergent which is The formula from natural palm fruit oil 、no phosphorus. It will decompose naturally by our mother nature, which is great products for our environment.

    Natural Dishwashing Liquid&Natural Laundry Liquid Soap

    Natural “PAOS Dish washing liquid” utilizes a natural coconut oil formula that is delicate for hands, and does not leave residues or pollutants. also the detergent is using natural coconut oil without any fluorescent agents, to give consumers reassurance and protection.

    White & shine

    Special Color Protection Formula gives you the great clean you want while keeping colors looking like new; also, water Saving formula with high biodegradability. Delivers fresh, no-nonsense clean, stain-fighting power, and whitening in one small scoop.