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Rose Day - Beginning with a bunch of roses and candle-light dinner tonight, start planning your Valentine Week ahead of Valentine’s Day on February 14! 

Rose Day is considered on 7th February,2016 and first day of Valentines Day.
Valentine's Day gift-giving just wouldn't be the same without fresh flowers on a red rose day. Whether you're giving a fresh cut bouquet, a live flowering plant basket, or an elegant single long-stemmed rose, there's a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that the consumer demand for floral Valentine's gifts is met.

By gifting a rose to his beloved, the lover expresses his love in the best possible manner since the flower in question symbolises passion and love. Though most of the lovers choose a red rose to celebrate Rose Day, some lovers choose to go different, as they want to send out a different message to their beloved. And, if you're wondering which one should you choose today,then here's an interpretation of various colours of roses to make Rose day special 

Red: Sincere love and respect.

Pink: Grace and gentility.

Yellow: They signify friendship, joy and the promise of a new

White: Spiritual love and purity.

Lavender: Love at first sight.

Orange: Passionate desire and fascination.

Black: Death, sadness and loss.

Green: Life, abundant growth and cheerfulness.

 How to Give your First Rose to your Loved one

Buy a bouquet of flower or a bunch of fresh rose, Attach a note to the rose. It doesn't have to rhyme or be cute. Just express what you feel for the other person. In a pinch, a simple "I love you" will work wonders, especially if it's the first time you're saying it.

If you are finding to make this rose day special ...
  1. Set a date with the girl. (Rose day date)
  2. Take her out.
  3. Be a perfect gentleman.
  4. Take her home and walk her to her door. Say goodnight and do not attempt to extend the evening.
  5. After she closes the door, wait a minute while she discovers the flowers that were delivered to her home during your date.*
  6. Have a big smile waiting when she opens the door again.
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