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We all have people in our lives that we care about a lot. However, many a times we forget about those, who care about us. The most commonly taken for granted loves is that between a father and a child. Growing up we never realize the amount of love that they have for us. Our definition of a perfect father is defined by what we see other kids have, and not by what we have. 

When is Father Day ?

This year fathers day is on 21st June 2015 (Sunday)

Who is not deaf or dumb. A father who talks like other fathers do, instead of sign language. We feel it is an embarrassment to us, especially when our peers make fun of us. Being in high school, getting taunted with deaf and dumb dad labels, makes you feel like the outcast. The anger and frustration of being taunted, and made fun of something, which is not our fault is very acute. Being publicly called out as a girl with a “abnormal” father, only increases the sense of isolation we feel.

Sometimes we feel like our fathers cannot listen to what we want to achieve in our lives, or help us with what scares us. We need a father who can speak to us, and understand what we are saying to them. There is a feeling of being crushed by a father, who can neither listen nor speak, however expects us to understand and listen to what he wants.

We feel we are all alone and no one understands us, and we are trapped. That we have no one with whom we can feel one with, and no one who loves us. Especially as a child we feel this so acutely, that it makes us feel that it is better to die than to continue living. Being dead seems to be the answer than living a life where no one loves us.

However in our fog of self-involvement we often forget that for a father their child is the most important thing in the world. The thought of anything happening to them is akin to their heart being ripped out. They will give up all they have in the world to ensure you are safe and secure, even if it means to sell themselves. For them their child cannot die. The pain of knowing that their child was so upset, that they tried to take their own lives, is more painful than death itself.

We do not realize the pain, that as children we put them through when we do something like that. We forget all those times when, they insist on us to eat well so we can grow up strong. So we can fight our battles with the world, when they are not around. We forget how they work tirelessly to provide us with a sound education, even if they never had a chance. Struggling to give all those opportunities they never had, and what we want to have. We forget how our fathers are always proud of us, in-spite of however mean or ignorant we are of them and their love for us. We forget the effort they take, even when it is not their mistake or within their abilities to make us happy. We only see what they don’t do like other fathers.

We forget what they do for us, as our fathers, and the abundant love that pours from them. Running around desperately to make your life, even it means to give you their own life blood.

So take a moment and think of all those times when your father has stood for you and supported you. Even when you felt like he was wrong, look at what he was trying to give you. Then you shall see the love of a father, is priceless and never ending.

Make father’s day 2015 extra special for the one man in your life

Who will always be by your side. Look up when is father’s day in your country and look for something that you can gift the best daddy in the world. This father’s day 2015 don’t forget to buy gifts for father in law’s too. After all they are the ones who have nurtured and loved your partners, to grow into a fine individual for you!!!

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Fathers day - Anyone can be Father but it takes someone special to be a dad

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