What is Good Friday :

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Good Friday – the day before Easter Sunday, where Christians commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the act that brought salvation to all who believe. The whole week starting from Palm Sunday till the Easter Sunday, is considered as most Holy week for the Christian community. This day is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday. Good Friday is a legal holiday over world in many national governments including in most Western countries (especially among Catholic nations and majority-Catholic countries). Christians adhere fasting and abstinence during the 40 days of lent with prayers and worship to Jesus Christ.

 When is Good Friday in 2015.

This year the holy week comes in the first week of April. 3rd April 2015, Friday is commemorated as Good Friday. The day is considered as good, even when Jesus died on cross to save us, so the name denoted as ‘Good Friday’ instead of such emotions as ‘ Bad Friday’. This is common misconception to many non-Christian who looks forward this day.

History of Good Friday 

According to Biblical Gospel, Jesus Christ was the Son of God who had came to earth to bring us to salvation and save us. He was born as a child of mother Mary and Joseph in Nazareth in Galilee. During his childhood, he would preach in the synagogues with other priests and religious members of the temple. He lived this teenage with worship and devotion to God , his father.

After the age of 13, he started preaching in different regions around spreading the word and will of God. He used to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, blessed the dumb and deaf. He preached in the form of parables. His 12 disciples were used to be always with him wherever he goes. The life he spend was for the people and with a mission to save to sinners.

During 30 years of his age, he preaches has been believed by many, and believers got baptized in the name of Jesus. Thousands of people would gather to hear and be healed. But, there were few gentiles who were against the preaching of Jesus. They starting blaming him, asked to crucify him to the Roman Emperor, Pontius Pilate. Nevertheless, Pilate handed Jesus over to be crucified in order to forestall a riot and ultimately to keep his job, as he saw no wrong from his side. The sentence written was "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." Jesus carried his cross to the site of execution (assisted by Simon of Cyrene), called the place of the Skull, or "Golgotha" in Hebrew and in Latin "Calvary". There he was crucified along with two criminals.

It was Friday, during his last 3 hours on the cross, from noon to 3 pm, darkness fell over the whole land. This tear signified a removal of restriction of the common Jews from the Temple's "Holiest of Holies", and that God's people now could, themselves, communicate directly with their advocate before God, Jesus the Christ, rather than needing the Temple's High Priest as an intercessor. After his death, he was placed in a tomb on the same day.

On the third day, which was Sunday, he was risen from dead, as he not been in the tomb. This Sunday is known as Easter Sunday- the day of risen.

What Christians do on Good Friday

Christians do Fasting during these 40 days of Lenten season including good Friday. The Catholic Church treats Good Friday as a fast day. Abstinence and fasting is the key to pray and worship the Lord.

Going to church on Good Friday is a must ritual and is observed by most Christians. There will be no mass conducted on this Friday, as exclaimed by Roman rite. The Good Friday liturgy consists of three parts: the Liturgy of the Word, the Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion. The Stations of the Cross are often prayed either in the church or outside, and a prayer service may be held from midday to 3.00 pm.

Lets make this good Friday blessed, and the coming Easter day.
Before you move from here, I sincerely recommend you to read this prayer 
“Prayer Before the Crucifix”

“Behold, O God and most sweet Jesus, I cast myself on my knees in thy sight, and with the most fervent desire of my soul , I pray and beseech thee, that Thou would impress upon my heart lively sentiments of faith, hope and charity. With true repentance for my sins and a firm desire of amendment, while with deep affection and grief  of soul I ponder within myself and mentally  contemplate Thy five most precious wounds having before my eyes that which David the prophet spoke of thee, O Good Jesus. They have pierced my hands and my feet, they have numbered all my bones. “
For the intensions of the Pope One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Have a holy and Blessed week !!