best new year 2015 trolls,jokes and memes collection

Hearty wishes..
May almighty ponder upon u
with his marvelous blessings &
give u Health, Wealth, Peace & Happiness.
Happy New year wishes to you all !!

Nowadays, most of you like to read troll jokes, memes and other funny collection. We even like and share such things in social media, which is damn viral. So this new year 2016, lets make its more interesting with some more troll jokes.

Here an awesome collection of New year jokes, memes, troll images, and photos.

# 1 : Goal of 2015

new year trolls 2015, new year memes, goal of year 2015

My Goal for 2015 is to Accomplish the goals of 2014 which I should have done in 2013 because I promised them in 2012 and Planned in 2011.

# 2 : Power of Alcohol

new year 2015 trolls jokes pranks alcohol jokes

Just heard that in 2015 there will be a new device that can turn Thoughts into Dream.
- I have had that for years, its called ALCOHOL !!

# 3 : Definition of 'Resolution'

new year resolution, new year troll jokes 2015

What exactly is 'New year Resolution' ?
- Its a 'To-Do' list for the first week of January

# 4: New year Trolled

new year 2015 memes, funny trolls 2015

What do you tell Someone you didn't SEE at new year's Eve ?
- I haven't seen you for a year !!

# 5 : Family trolls

trolls 2015, tumblr trolls 2015, pinterest trolls memes jokes
On 31st December 2014 evening, husband asks to wife 
Husband : Shall we have a Better New year
Wife : Sure why not !!
Husband: Ok then, see you next year
Wife : Shocks !!

# 6 :  Always True Memes
new year trolls 2015,funny memes, new year jokes 2015

1st December 2014,
Son : I love you, Dad
Dad : Me too, Son

31st December 2014,
Son: I love you, Dad
Dad : How much do you need ?

# 7: What my family thinks ....LOL 

funny trolls, best new year trolls jokes 2015

# 8 : Study resolution

funny jokes child trolled, new year resolution 2015

That's all folks, i hope you loved my collection of trolls. Do comment and share the post to your friends and family and make this New year cheerful !
Happy New Year 2015

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